4b, Ayodele Fanoiki Street, Magodo GRA, Lagos Nigeria


We offer Power, cooling and Heating as a service whilst being the catalyst to deliver a substantial reduction in Carbon Emissions for your organsation/household

WattCore Energy Limited is a renewable energy development company committed to deploying clean, sustainable, specialized, and cost-effective solutions to different target audiences ranging from commercial to utility markets. We are strategically positioned to provide unique energy mix to Nigeria’s energy issues for sustainable development.

We have strategically aligned ourselves with global industry leaders and companies in the sector to ensure our ability to provide an array of tested technologies in form of solutions to our clients thereby ensuring that the five P’s of sustainability is fulfilled- Planet, Prosperity, Peace, Partnerships and People.

Our Corporate strategy showcases our long term vision as the energy industry’s global partner  on sustainable energy solutions. Our mission is to fully liberate the continent from energy poverty by deploying specialized sustainable energy solutions and a brand that inspires confidence in renewable energy for current and future technologies.

Our competencies as a renewable energy development company enable us to deploy solutions across the broad spectrum of energy consumers from businesses to rural areas via government and international interventions. At WattCore; we consistently attract, train and retain technically sound, competent and experienced team members with superior understanding of renewable energy technologies, industry needs and the power/energy sector in Nigeria and Africa.

This significant experience, strategic alliance and guaranteed access to local and international funding partners have positioned us as a major force to be reckoned with in the industry.

“I think the cost of energy will come down when we make transition to renewable energy.”

Al Gore