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We offer power, cooling and heating as a service. We provide holistic services across the whole project deployment life-cycle from conceptualization to maintenance.

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At WattCore Energy, we offer the full complement of project development services you can trust.

Consultancy & Development

We offer general advisory services, local support for international developers, engineering design identification of suitable project locations, project conceptualization & sizing, yield assessments and more.

We consult
We construct solar

Construction & Installation

We offer installations by an experienced specialist team, procurement from top quality suppliers and OEMs, local logistics support, construction project management.

Operation & Maintenance

This involves complete monitoring and support of deployed infrastructure, remote monitoring system, the prompt response in the event of a fault or breakdown.

Energy Efficiency

We provide a broad range of energy solutions including designs and implementation of energy efficiency projects, retrofitting, geared towards significantly improving your profit margin by a reduction in your overall power bill.

Yetyflames solar generators

Solar Generator

We manufacture practically noiseless generators for small businesses and households. whose functionalities are based on renewable energy and do not contribute to greenhouse emission.

Energy Investment

We develop, bid and maintain shareholding rights in joint renewable energy projects either independently or dependently.


  • We partner with you to reduce carbon emissions whilst enhancing your sustainability credentials ultimately delivering long term benefits to your organization and the broader community, as well as the global environment. The installation of a WattCore solution has the potential to reduce your fossil fuel consumption by 50-100%.
  •  WattCore installations will result in a significant reduction of noise pollution and in certain applications the complete elimination of same.
  •   Our solution delivers clearly defined significant and measurable cost savings.
  • We design the appropriate energy storage system for your application and budget that will compliment your installation.

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