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  • Solar/ Hybrid installations
  • Project development
  • Consultancy
  • Operations and maintenance

Our Mission Statement

Our mission is to fully liberate the continent from energy poverty by deploying specialized sustainable energy solutions and a brand that inspires confidence in renewable energy for current and future technologies.

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Our Products

  • WattCore Solar Generators
  • Solar panels
  • Inverters
  • AGM bateteies
  • Lithium ion batteries


We provide energy solutions via the sales of our solar generators, solar panels, inverter and batteries.

About Us

WattCore Energy Limited is a renewable energy development company committed to deploying clean, sustainable, specialized, and cost-effective solutions to different target audiences ranging from commercial to utility markets.

We are strategically positioned to provide unique energy mix to Nigeria’s energy issues for sustainable development.


Some of our target Audience

Residential Developments

Provision of clean energy to residential consumers through partnership with construction and real estate developers. We have developed innovative solutions targeted at providing constant electricity through a combination of intelligent systems that drives our hybrid solution integrating solar PV, storage, biomass and Grid (as the case may be) in a manner to ensure cost effectiveness and sustainable energy.

Commercial Clients

The near total dependence of most businesses in Nigeria and many African countries on diesel power generation leads to continually increasing operating costs. Simultaneously, the attractive LCOE of PV systems and innovative hybrid intelligent systems are economically attractive and an environmentally friendly solution for every business and industrial clusters.

Government and International Stakeholders

We collaborate and implement energy solutions for the government and provide local support for international developments. We also execute projects for developers and nongovernmental organisations.

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